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Get “Just Grace” Free

Ahead of the release of her first novel, Next Year In Huntsville, due at the end of November 20106, Birdcatcher Books has released Just Grace – A Collection of Short Stories by Grace L. Sutherland to introduce readers to her writing. The stories cover a range of lengths and topics, and include some surprises. Just Grace is only available as an ebook, and until the release of Next Year in Huntsvillle, it is f read more ...

Grace and Faith

  Grace and faith are two of the most important aspects of our Christian walk. Grace is offered to us by God on the basis of the completed work of Christ at the Cross, but it does not automatically take effect in our lives. We need to appropriate it to be able to live the kind of lives that God has designed us to live. Likewise, faith is given to us by God, but we have to take it up and use it to establish a read more ...
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