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Sonshine and Shadows

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ISBN 978-0-9942770-3-9


Written over a period of 50 years, these poems express life, love, laughter, sorrow, struggle, and triumph: and through it all a relationship with the Son of God, who sheds His light on everything else.

In a variety of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, and in lengths from a few lines to several pages, the writer hopes these poems will speak to your own struggles, conflicts and delights, will challenge you about the sad realities of the world in which we live; and that some will create in you a growing hunger for an ever-deepening relationship with the King of the universe.

Here is one of the poems from the collection:

Just five loaves –
Lord, what are they
when thousands faint with hunger
all about?
Five small loaves –
Lord, they would barely
meet the need
of one.
For five thousand?
Shall we give
to each a crumb?
Five useless loaves!

Yet You took:
and their smallness
in Your infinity;
You blessed
speaking words of power,
bringing change;
You broke:
cracked their crusty shell
and tore apart
their comfortable roundness;
You gave
and multitudes received
more than enough.

Just one life –
Lord, what is it
to millions crying
every day?
One small, ordinary life –
can this life make
a mark on even one?
One useless life!

Lord, take
and give
this life
no longer insignificant
but multiplied
by all You are.




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