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Real, Radical and Revolutionary

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REAL, RADICAL AND REVOLUTIONARY – Building Kingdom Relationships with God, with Each Other and with the World

by Lynn B. Fowler

ISBN 978-0-9942770-0-8


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God is calling His people to a kind of Christianity that is vastly different from what we see in most of the church today.

Much that passes for Christianity today is little more than a shallow pretense, a “going through the motions”, a religious exercise. It is carried out in the realm of the soul – the mind, the emotions and the will – rather than in the realm of the spirit, and relates to both God and man at only a surface level. It has lost touch with the essence of Biblical faith, and has settled for living in the realm of the safe and the comfortable. Rather than “turning the world upside down”, it seeks to be as much like the world as possible, in the misplaced hope that such conformity will draw the world to itself.

The time has come for us to stop playing games. God’s purposes for us, individually and corporately, are far greater than we could think or imagine. God is calling His people to leave the toys behind, and come to a real, radical and revolutionary relationship with Him, with each other and with the world, that He may fulfill His purposes for a dying world. The only question that remains is, are we willing?

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:
God is calling His people to a kind of Christianity that is vastly different from what we see in most of the church today.
He is calling us to a kind of Christianity that is first of all real: it is about our relationship with Himself. Many in the world – and even in the Church – today see Christianity as simply a philosophy or a set of moral standards that are loosely followed. Others see it as a “religion” in which set formats and rituals are observed. True Christianity, however, is all about an eternal relationship with Father God through the Lord Jesus Christ. It is about spiritual reality, not natural observances.
Man is a three-part being, spirit, soul and body, and it is man’s spirit that was created and designed for a relationship with God. True Christianity is spiritual. That is not to say that the soul faculties of intellect, emotion and will do not operate, but rather that they operate under the control of the human spirit. So true Christianity does not seek to come to Christ through emotion, but rather by the drawing of the Holy Spirit, who will then transform our emotions and fire us with passion for God. It does not follow intellectual rabbit warrens trying to find “the real Jesus,” but allows the Spirit of God to reveal Him. It does not grit its teeth and try its hardest to do its best to serve God, but rather allows the life of the Spirit within to transform the human heart and will.
True Christianity is real in its relationships. It does not put on a religious facade and pretend, either with God or man. Nor is it shallow, seeking to relate to God and man at only the surface level; rather it gives itself fully. It seeks God for Who He is, not just for what He can give; and it makes itself available to God not just in outward performance and appearance, but at the deepest levels of intimacy.
It is real in its honesty. It knows that God knows every area of the human heart, and it does not try to cover up sin, but comes to God in open repentance.
God is calling us to a kind of Christianity that is radical in its relationship to others in the Body of Christ. In its original meaning, radical referred to “from or of the root.” True Christianity is the kind presented and practised in the Bible. It is not satisfied with a westernised, comfortable, demand-free version of the Gospel. It insists on getting back to the standards of the Word of God.
Nor is it willing to accept a religion that puts band-aids over problems rather than getting to the root cause. It wants to see the axe laid to the root of the tree, to see the old life done away with not just prettied up. Its God is not a benign grandfather who pats people on the head and turns a blind eye to their continued sin, but the One who comes as consuming fire to burn out all that does not measure up to His glory.

Great first review on Amazon:

Lynn Fowler has written Real, Radical and Revolutionary… for such a time as the one in which we are currently living. Without a doubt, Fowler definitely brings a copious amount of spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding to those bare tables, at which sit many of today’s believers in Christ who are hungering for more of God’s spiritual manna (Bread of Life/Word of God) and thirsting to hydrate with spiritual water (Living Water/Outpouring of the Holy Spirit).

Read the rest of this review.

Here’s a review form Yanger Longkumer, the principal of Antioch School of Missions, Kathmandu, Nepal:

“Real, Radical and Revolutionary! It is as practical as it is Biblical and theological. This is one of the most interesting and very sensible book I have ever read on the topic of kingdom building. Indeed, it is very insightful, profound but in the meantime, very simple and easy to understand. Lynn sticks closely to the text and focuses in on the centre of the Bible, Jesus Christ nevertheless, try to be innovative.

This book calls us to rediscover the wonder of relationship and challenges us to consider some questions: How can we have deeper relationship with God? How can we develop right relationship with each other? Why do we need to reflect our relationship with God to the world? Lynn’s examines foundational, developmental, implementational, transitional, and pastoral issues to help us experience the power of this fundamental element of our faith. The author strongly emphasis and concluded that the follower of Christ must be modelled on Jesus’ example. Jesus is the only ultimately worthy of our model. This book challenged us to be continuously ask question, are the people following me looking more like Jesus or not. It challenges me to look beyond the values of this world, and gives me a mandate for making multiplying disciples who in turn will make other multiplying disciples.

Real, Radical and Revolutionary is a desperate call for churches, pastors, and all who claim the name of Christ to return to a true, Biblical understanding of what it means to follow Christ: personal transformation into the likeness of Christ. Lynn reminds the reader that it’s not enough to know about Jesus and His commands, Christians must live out those commands and mature in faith. This book is an inclusive and well-exemplified guidebook that gives a detail process for building kingdom. This interactive book seeks to help to go beyond that to reach the hearts of the people where we work with. I found this book to be exceptionally useful in understanding the ground rules of how to live a true and radical disciple of Jesus Christ. It’s well organized and fascinating manual. It gives great illustrations to help the reader understand the holistic relationship with God, other and how this relationship has to be reflected in the world.

From Rev. Geoffrey Nyakundi, Kenya:

Real, Radical and Revolutionary is not just another book! It is a life changing book which will transform life of anyone who will read it.

The content of this book is really spiritual and this is the kind of a Christian that the Lord Jesus expects us to be. Mum Lynn writes with understanding by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

I encourage every person to read this book and will transform you to become Real, Radical and Revolutionary in your Christian life.

Pastor Geoffrey Nyakundi

Key To Life Church


Another great review on Amazon:

Lynn B. Fowler has written an informative book, ‘Real, Radical and Revolutionary’, exploring the reality of Christianity by specifically concentrating on various relationships in a Christian’s life. The three main areas are the relationship between the individual believer and God, interpersonally between Christians, and then finally, Christians in the world at large – both secularly and in ministry.
Fowler’s style is easy to read, straightforward and helpful. She uses stories as effective parables which clearly illustrate her points.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found that she articulated much that isn’t generally heard in mainstream church-talk. Fowler’s heart is absolutely for God and his authority. And her desire is to encourage and teach the body of Christ to grow up in faith and action, and to see Christians increasingly be led by the Spirit of God.
With her quiet sense of humour, Fowler has taken each relational dynamic and teased it apart, concentrating on various areas that are pertinent. While she never claims she’s done a complete study on all relevant topics, she certainly covers those that she did chose to explore, effectively.

Read the rest of this review.



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