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My Little Chats With God

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MY LITTLE CHATS WITH GOD – Bible Meditations for Daily Life

by Lynn B. Fowler

Standard Edition ISBN 978-0-9942770-1-5


In this collection of short Bible meditations, Lynn B Fowler takes verses from the Bible and applies them to everyday life, chatting to God about them as if He were sitting right across the breakfast table, a cup of coffee in one hand and a slice of toast in the other.

She does not presume to respond on behalf of God, but allows her own musings to draw out the application of each verse.

Addressing situations as diverse as joy in the beauty of nature and anger over the failings of an employee, she demonstrates that the Bible is not merely a dry and dull textbook, but rather a living and very relevant communication from God to His people.

Here is a sample from the book:


Yahweh came, and stood, and called as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” Then Samuel said, “Speak; for your servant hears.”

I Samuel 3:10

I love this story, Lord. Here’s this young kid, Samuel. He’s the answer to his mothers prayers, literally, so she hands him over to the service of the Temple from a very early age. He’s known nothing in his short life but Your service, yet really he knows very little of You. So little, that when You first speak to him he thinks that it’s old Eli the priest.

Yet once Eli sets him straight, and tells him that the voice calling him is You, he responds so readily: “Speak, for Your servant is listening.”

It’s not just words to him; not just some kind of glib formula to rattle off when you don’t really know what else to say. He means it. He really is listening. He really is ready not only to hear, but to do.

There’s so much we can learn from Samuel, Lord. Your word from beginning to end makes it very clear that You desire to communicate with people. You were doing it all the time, either directly as You did with Samuel and the other prophets, or indirectly through the prophets to others. Your Word itself is part of Your ongoing effort to communicate with Your people, and so is Your Spirit Who, under the New Covenant, You have given to live inside of every one who is truly Yours.

All that being the case, people should be hearing from You left, right and centre. But they’re not. And it’s not Your fault, it’s ours. It’s mine.

How often have You been trying to speak to me, but I have been too busy to hear? Too busy doing. Too busy talking. Too busy thinking.

Lord, help me to become still enough to hear You, and available enough to respond to You.

Help me, like Samuel, to say and mean, “Speak, for Your servant is listening.”





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