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Called to Battle

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by Lynn B. Fowler

If you are a Christian, you are involved in spiritual warfare, whether you like it or not. The only choice you have is whether you will enter the battle trained, equipped and fully armed, standing in the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ; or naked and defenseless trying to stand in your own strength.

CALLED TO BATTLE looks at the key areas of spiritual warfare:
– Know the Victor turns the focus first to the attributes and works of God, and reminds us that we are not fighting to win the battle, but to enforce the victory already won at the Cross.
– Know the Enemy looks both at the devil and his schemes, and some other less-recognized enemies of our Christian walk.
– The Soldier Prepared looks at the things that need to be in place in our lives to ensure that we are ready to stand in the battle.
– Spiritual Defense looks at the armor of God as a lifestyle by which we can defend ourselves against the enemy‘s attack.
– The Weapons of War takes us into offense mode, looking at the various means God has provided for us to tear down the enemy’s work.
– Taking Territory pushes forward to take back what we have lost, and to reclaim our world for Christ.

Author Lynn B. Fowler was a spiritualist medium before becoming a Christian 40 years ago, so is deeply aware of the spiritual battle that surrounds us. As a minister, missionary, intercessor, and writer she is passionate to see the Church awakened to the realities of both the battle and our victory in Christ.

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