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A Big Book Of Short Stories For Small People

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A Big Book Of Short Stories For Small People


Paperback ISBN 978-0-6481834-3-3

Hard Cover ISBN 978-0-6481834-4-0

Paperback $17.95

Hard cover $29.95

In 2016 Birdcatcher Books held its firs Stories For Children Competition. This book contains the best entries from that contest. Within its pages you will find fun, adventure and pure whimsy. Big people will enjoy these stories as much as the small people do. This book is formatted with large print to make it easy for parents to read to their children, and the illustrations are line drawings for children to make it their own by colouring it themselves.


Farm Dog by Emma Duncan

Square Eyes by Emma Duncan

When Your Chips Are Down by Gregory R. Yeates

The Sandwich Thief by Gregory R. Yeates

A Token Effort by Alicia Bruzzone

Mushrooms Are Fun, Guys by Melanie Cranenburg

Race Against Time by Kim Stewart

Monster Sale by Rae  Eather

Jack’s New Baby by Liz Smart

The Sticky Story Of Charlie Kibble by Georgina Moore

Charlie Cooper Changes His Mind by Christine Johnson

Celeste by Jo Withers

Cave Adventure by Carol Don Ercolano

Help! by Gillian Henderson

Sky Spies by Aurora Johnson

Favourites by Maura Pierlot

Fishing With Roger by Rebecca Perry

Bob The Dog by Lacey Sawtell

Granddad’s Glasses by Bronwyn Wall

Mrs McDougal’s Secret by Rayna Bright

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