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Are you an author with a book ready to be published? Birdcatcher Books is looking to publish one or two titles from new authors in the first  six months of 2017.

This is not “vanity publishing” – you do not have to pay anything up front to publish with Birdcatcher Books. If your book is accepted, you will receive royalties on books sold (but not advance royalties) and you will be able to purchase books for your own use or resale at a wholesale price. We will take care of editing, formatting and providing a cover image for your book; we will publish it in both print and digital formats, and make it available worldwide for purchase through Amazon and book shops, as well as through this site and our book parties, and also by schools and libraries.

However, this is not quite “traditional publishing” either. At this time Birdcatcher Books is still a “micro” publisher, and our market reach is very limited. That means that you will need to be actively involved in the promotion and marketing of your book.

To be considered for publication through Birdcatcher Books, your book must first of all be well-written with strong reader appeal and good grammar and spelling. We publish books for both the secular and Christian markets, but whichever market your book is aimed at it must be “family friendly.” That is, no blatant sex or violence and no heavy profanity. We do not publish books about occult or supernatural themes, nor books promoting non-Christian belief systems, nor controversial topics (and we reserve the right to determine which topics would be too controversial for our readership.) If your book is Christian non-fiction, it must be theologically and Biblically sound according to an Evangelical / Pentecostal understanding.

Aside from the above restrictions, we will consider books from any genre.

If you are interested, please contact us. Do not send a complete manuscript, just a proposal outlining your book.

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