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Archive for October 2015

The Realities of Being a Writer

You are a writer. You are sitting in a deck chair on the veranda of your beautiful, rambling home (paid for by the proceeds of your writing) looking out over the beach of a remote tropical island. Drink in hand, you are thinking about your next bestseller, and as the ideas tumble freely into your head you jot them on a pad beside you. You have already received a sizable advance payment, and your publisher is eager read more ...

Books and Trust

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” Did Lemony Snicket get it right? What do you think? How do you feel about people who don’t read – or about people who do? Share your thoughts on the Birdcatcher Books Facebook page read more ...

Grace and Faith

  Grace and faith are two of the most important aspects of our Christian walk. Grace is offered to us by God on the basis of the completed work of Christ at the Cross, but it does not automatically take effect in our lives. We need to appropriate it to be able to live the kind of lives that God has designed us to live. Likewise, faith is given to us by God, but we have to take it up and use it to establish a read more ...
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